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The World Is Talking

World Premiere Video: LOCASH’s “I Know Somebody”
Grab your roller skates and get ready for some rink-side romance with the world premiere of LOCASH’s video for “I Know Somebody.” Filmed in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the video has a cinematic quality, thanks to the work of directors Ry and Drew Cox. Click here to watch the video.

The 'Dynamo of Dixie' Reimagined And Reignited
The word "renaissance" commonly conjures up visions of the great art masters da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael. In their time they revived an interest in classical form and beauty. Something most had thought long gone was brought back by a handful of progressive thinkers, who took those old ideas to a new level and a new aduience. In many ways, Chattanooga is experienceing a renaissance in business. Click here to learn more.

Chattanooga startup wants to 3D print your future house
Branch Technology, a graduate of GIGTANK, 3D prints open matrices that provide the internal structure for homes and other buildings. Click here to learn more.

Startup uses world's largest free-form 3-D printer for homebuilding
A technology startup in Chattanooga, TN, reportedly has built the world’s largest free-form 3-D printer and is using it to construct walls for new homes. Click here to learn more.

Gigabit and the Economy: A First-Hand Look at Chattanooga
Chattanooga has had gigabit service for the longest. Local power company EPB, which owns the network, launched gigabit service there in 2009. And to this day, Chattanooga is the only city whose offering extends citywide. Click here to learn more.

Chattanooga Gigabit: EPB Looking at Next-Gen PON
EPB, the first U.S. company to broadly deploy gigabit service residentially, has put any plans to expand service outside its electric utility service territory on hold, said Danna Bailey, EPB vice president of corporate communications, at a press event at the company headquarters in Chattanooga yesterday. Click here to learn more.

The World's Biggest Free Form 3D Printer Is Being Used to Build Houses
The dream of 3D printing buildings is not a new one and, typically, it’s not a pretty one either. However, the visionaries at Branch Technology, a startup founded by architects in Chattanooga, Tennessee, want to change that—and they’ve built the world’s largest free form 3D printer to do it. Click here to learn more.

Startup stellt mit firmeneigener Technologie einzigartige 3D-Wände her
Ein US-amerikanisches Startup namens Branch Technology hat vor mit einer firmeneigenen Technik und einem 3D-Drucker die Zukunft des Häuserbaus nachhaltig zu verändern. Click here to learn more.

Branch Technology: stampa 3D, bracci robotici e il futuro delle costruzioni
La digital fabrication è una tecnologia con un grande potenziale, in quanto processo di fabbricazione capace di realizzare cose dall’alto grado di complessità e personalizzazione, a differenza di qualsiasi metodo di fabbricazione e di costruzione tradizionale. Nel corso degli ultimi due anni, abbiamo visto la tecnologia di fabbricazione digitale muoversi sui terreni più disparati, dalla nano scala alla grande scala, ora con la stampa di oggetti microscopici, ora realizzando interi edifici fabbricati in un giorno. Click here to learn more.

Report: 10-gig EPB service is feasible
A report in a trade publication says the hardware needed for EPB to roll out a 10-gigabit-per-second Internet connection will be ready within a year. Click here to learn more.

Branch Technology 3D Prints Building Walls With World’s Largest Freeform 3D Printer – Launches 3D Printed Home Competition
3D printing is a technology that has more potential than most of us give it credit for. Reason being is that it’s a fabrication process which is capable of minute intricacies and complete customization, unlike anything seen within more traditional manufacturing and construction methods. Click here to learn more.

Branch Technology 3-D Prints First Full-Scale Walls with C-Fab
A Chattanooga-based startup, Branch Technology, announced it has become the first company to successfully use 3-D printing to construct building walls to scale. The company used what it claims is the world’s largest freeform 3-D printer to create the walls with a process called Cellular Fabrication, or “C-Fab” for short. Click here to learn more.

This Architect-Designed Wall System Has a 3D-Printed Core
Additive manufacturing in architecture is in a race to the top—building bigger and better under tighter deadlines and with increasingly complex materials. But the technology is proving to be valuable in design and construction. Some architects are using it to push the boundaries of scale and form, while others are harnessing its precise nature to create component parts or accessories. Click here to learn more.

Lessons from GigCity
The catch phrase bandied about by civic leaders here in Chattanooga is “The fastest broadband in the Northern hemisphere.” Everything is Gig-this and gig-that since the local utility covered the city with high speed broadband..  GigCity is the tag line for the city while GigTank is the showcase for startup companies tapping into the network. Click here to learn more.

Free-Form 3D Printing With Branch Technology
Branch Technology of Chattanooga, Tennessee is letting 3D printers do what they’re good at: complex shapes. Whereas a conventional builder may not be capable of creating millions of tiny patterns, a 3D printer can do just that. “When geometry is not an issue, you can do almost anything,” says Platt Boyd, CEO and founder at Branch (not to mention accomplished architect). Click here to learn more.

EPB: 10Gbit/s Service Feasible Within a Year
First there were the gigabit cities. Then Comcast Corp. (Nasdaq: CMCSA, CMCSK) ratcheted up the competitive rhetoric with the launch of Gigabit Pro, promising speeds of 2 Gbit/s. Now EPB in Chattanooga, Tennessee is ready to take things to a whole new level. According to Colman Keane, director of fiber technology for EPB Fiber Optics , the broadband and power utility company will be able to offer 10-Gig service within a year. Click here to learn more.

TechTown Trains Future Techies
Chattanooga is serious about its gigabit city, and not just about the bandwidth it offers. In addition to delivering a high-speed network, supporting several startup incubators and declaring a new Innovation District in town, Chattanooga now hosts a learning center designed to train the city's younger generation in creative and technical skills. Click here to learn more.

Chattanooga Fiber Network Triple Play: Smart Grid, Gigabit, Green Energy
Chattanooga is unique for a gigabit class network that covers the entire community, serving over 150,000 homes and businesses. Its advantages go far beyond simple connectivity and into smart grid and renewable energy. Duplicating Chattanooga's success, however, will be difficult at best for many cities without changes in mindsets and regulation. Click here to learn more.

Southern Tech Scene Can't be Ignored
Chattanooga, Tennessee boasts the Western Hemisphere's largest gigabit network, a thriving environment for startups that want to move into town to take advantage of that network. Click here to learn more.

Chattanooga: Much More than GigCity
It is far too simple to say Chattanooga's high-speed fiber optic network is the cornerstone to the city's future growth.  While city leaders and operator EPB have embraced the slogan of "GigCity" along with "Fastest network connectivity in the Western Hemisphere" to underline deployment of one gigabit fiber connectivity to all residences and businesses, it is only one piece of a much larger puzzle fostering entrepreneurship. Click here to learn more.

This Giant Free-Form 3D Printer Can Print Houses
The good folks at Branch Technology, a startup founded by architects in Chattanooga, Tennessee, are developing technology that would allow architects and constructors much more freedom in the kind of buildings they erect.. Click here to learn more.

Pics: A Tour of Chattanooga's Gigabit City
A trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee in July revealed what downtown life is like in America's first Gigabit City. From TechTown (the best camp ever), to The Crash Pad (the only Platinum-LEED-Certified hostel ever), to an abundance of startup incubators, Chattanooga is a city bubbling with energy and tech-fueled ambition. Click here to learn more.

Chattanooga covered by CNN En Espanol
A small town with one of the fastest internet services in the world is making headlines internationally. Click here to learn more.

Chattanooga Touts Transformation Into Gig City
A city once infamous for the smoke-belching foundries that blanketed its buildings and streets with a heavy layer of soot is turning to lightning-fast Internet speeds to try to transform itself into a vibrant tech hub. Click here to read more.

15 Cities for Creative 20-Somethings That Aren't New York or Los Angeles
Arts.Mic: Being an artist in America doesn't have to mean living in a shoebox on a coast with nothing but the pennies you make at your day job to support an artistic endeavor. Contrary to popular lore, the U.S. is home to many artistic cities aside from the requisite stops of New York and Los Angeles. Click here to learn more.

The New Metropolis: The New Urban Pioneers
Fortune: Meet the official in Chattanooga who built the fastest internet in the western hemisphere, the technocrat who revolutionized public transportation in Helsinki, the Berkeley professor who’s creating 3-D data maps of how cities work and more. Click here to learn more.

High-speed public Internet attracting jobs to Chattanooga
FOX Business: Mayor Andy Berke talks the benefits of the decision to implement high-speed public Internet in the city of Chattanooga. Click here to learn more.

Chattanooga's super-fast publicly owned Internet
CNNMoney: “Chattanooga, Tenn., may not be the first place that springs to mind when it comes to cutting-edge technology. But thanks to its ultra-high-speed Internet, the city has established itself as a center for innovation -- and an encouraging example for those frustrated with slow speeds and high costs from private broadband providers.” Click here to read the full story.

The Gig supports entrepreneurs, creates jobs
USA Today: Chattanooga offers lightning fast Internet at an affordable price, and “the move is helping create jobs, launch new companies and spur innovation.” Click here to read more.

Fast Internet Is Chattanooga’s New Locomotive
New York Times: “Gig City, as Chattanooga is sometimes called, has what city officials and analysts say was the first and fastest — and now one of the least expensive — high-speed Internet services in the United States. For less than $70 a month, consumers enjoy an ultrahigh-speed fiber-optic connection that transfers data at one gigabit per second.” Click here to view the full story.

Chattanooga named a top 10 mountain biking location of North America “If you’re looking for a city with a small-town feel plus trails to shred and a decent nightlife, Chattanooga is a great place to call home. In fact, with a cost of living that’s below the U.S. average, being a professional dirtbag mountain biker isn’t out of the question in Chattanooga!” Click here to read more.

Tennessee: The Innovation State?
The Take Away (WNYC Radio, New York): “Could Tennessee be a model of future innovation and thinking? We explore how the state is revolutionizing both education and technology. In Monday’s State of the State address, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam announced a proposal to eliminate tuition and fees for the state’s 13 community colleges and dozens of vocational schools. Along with higher education, the state of Tennessee is also tackling high speed Internet. Chattanooga, a city of barely more than 160,000 people, operates the fastest city-wide Internet network in the country. For only $70 a month, you can access one gigabit-per-second Internet speed in every Chattanooga home and business.” Click here to view the full story.

Chattanooga named 2013 Outstanding Runner Friendly Community
Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) has named Chattanooga as its 2013 Outstanding Runner Friendly Community and designated the Scenic City as a Runner Friendly Community. RRCA cited Chattanooga’s infrastructure, community support, and local government support among it’s reasons for singling out Chattanooga for these honors. Click here to view the full story.

National Journal: What the Library of the Future Will Look Like
The downtown Chattanooga public library has reinvented itself as a community workshop, providing not only books, but 3-D printers, laser and vinyl cutters, sewing machines, advanced video and audio production software and more. Click here to view the full story. - Node: the coolest gizmo at CES
Node+, invented by Dr. George YU, founder of Chattanooga-based Variable Inc, garnered attention at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show. Click here to find out more about this advanced sensor device. Click here to view the full story.

CNBC: Small City Big on Surprises
It has the fastest Internet speeds in the Western Hemisphere. It boasts the world's only automotive factory with LEED Platinum certification, the EPA's highest green-building rating. And Outside magazine named it "The Best City Ever." Click here to view the full story.

New York Times: Creative Leader Alex Bogusky Partners in Chattanooga Firm
Known as a groundbreaking creative leader, Alex Bogusky, whom Adweek named “Creative Director of the Decade” in 2010, got the attention of the New York Times with the announcement he is backing Humanaut, a Chattanooga-based “brand invention firm” which is aiming to add more creative fire to Chattanooga’s budding entrepreneurial scene. Click here to view the full story.

The Washington Post: How Chattanooga beat Google Fiber by half a decade
People may not realize it, but starting today, some high-end Internet subscribers in Chattanooga, Tenn., will turn on their computers and start browsing the Web at a gigabit per second — 10 times the speeds they're used to. Click here to view the full story.

CNBC: "Chattanooga, Tennessee has become a manufacturing magnet"

CNBC: “Chattanooga, Tennessee has become a manufacturing magnet”
Phil LeBeau reports on the resurgence of U.S. manufacturing through the lens of major investments and expansions in the Chattanooga area by companies like Volkswagen
Phil LeBeau reports on the resurgence of U.S. manufacturing through the lens of major investments and expansions in the Chattanooga area by companies like Volkswagen. Click here to view the coverage.


Bloomberg TV: Platinum auto plant from the future rises in Tennessee
Bloomberg TV commends Volkswagen Chattanooga for redefining auto plants as we know them, calling its LEED Platinum-certified production facility a “comprehensive system of cutting edge technologies” and an innovative pioneer in environmental sustainability. Click here to view the coverage.

Forbes: What ‘Iron Man 3’ got wrong about Chattanooga
Forbes contributor Dave Their sets the record straight about Chattanooga’s ultra-fast broadband speeds in this piece about Iron Man 3’s portrayal of America’s first Gig City. Click here to view the coverage.

CBS: Chattanooga emerges as an unlikely model for the rest of the country
CBS hails Chattanooga's 1 Gbps fiber-to-the-home network as a model of public-private partnerships working together to make a difference for the city. As a result, "...Chattanooga sits as a city transformed – the best of the old world combined with the best of the new, and an unlikely example for the rest of the country." Click here to view the coverage.

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Chattanooga’s Tech Hub Rises
Chattanooga may have seemed an unlikely candidate to emerge as a tech hub, but recent announcements reveal an entrepreneurial scene that’s been bubbling to a boil for some time. In addition to being the first city in America to deploy a community-wide 100% fiber optic network, Chattanooga is pioneering new ways to support entrepreneurs by serving as the nation’s Living Laboratory for the future of the internet and taking a very creative approach to enriching the pool of tech talent. For more information, click here.

FoxNews: City turns Internet speeds into jobs
While cities across the nation struggle to create jobs, officials in Chattanooga, Tenn., have a plan to grow its economy at the speed of light. For more info, click here.

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman praises Chattanooga’s cooperative approach to job creation
For more information, click here.

The ‘gig city’ of Chattanooga looks to lure tech geeks with $10,000 relocation program
Geek Wire writes about Chattanooga and how it is not a City you think of when the words tech hub is mentioned. But the historic Tennessee town of 150,000 is looking to lure some techies with a new relocation program that will offer $10,000 in incentives for those eligible geeks who make the leap over to Lookout Mountain.. For more information, click here.

Tennessee’s Venture Community Is All Eyes On Chattanooga’s Gig Tank
Nibletz writes about Entrepreneurship and startups in the great state of Tennessee. Chattanooga’s Gig Tank has attracted a lot of attention from the entire state. For more information, click here.

How to Relocate Geeks
Develop in the Cloud talks about Chattanooga's innovative Geek Move program, which offers incentives for technologists to relocate there. Other aspiring technology centers would do well to pay attention. For more information, click here.

New Chattanooga Program Showcases Gigabit Network
Business News Daily speaks about Chattanooga's GigTank accelerator program and how challenges where hurled at teams of entrepreneurs and students to develop apps that used Chattanooga's high speed fiber-optic network. For more information, click here.

The Need for Speed
The Economist wrote an article about Chattanooga and what superfast internet connections can do for a city. For more information, click here.

Chattanooga Reinvents Itself, at Its Own Pace
The Wall Street Journal calls Chattanooga home to "one of the nation's strongest local economies," pointing to its housing market and major job creation successes as byproducts of a community-wide effort to rebuild after decades of economic challenges. For more information, click here.

Chattanooga Rocks When It Comes to Broadband
Communications Technology wrote an article about Chattanooga's advanced broadband technology. EPB has recently completed a 1 Gbps fiber-to-the-home network, offering a triple play of broadband services and using the network for a smart grid. For more information, click here.

CNBC Picks Up Story on CRI Medical Research Project
CNBC recognizes Chattanooga Research Institute and gives details on their project to analyze huge stores of medical and genetic data that could lead to more cost-efficient and effective drug development. For more information, click here.

Where To Retire Profiles Chattanooga as a Top Retirement Town
Where to Retire magazine has selected Chattanooga to profile as a top retirement town in the March/April 2011 issue. Where to Retire editor Mary Lu Abbott says Chattanooga possesses many qualities important to today’s retirees. For more information contact Where to Retire magazine's Lindsay Lindquist.

Forbes Ranks Chattanooga in Top 10 Cities Where Home Values Will Rise in 2011
Forbes predicts that Chattanooga is one of ten cities where home values will appreciate in 2011.  Citing Local Market Monitor, a real estate research firm, the author implies that Chattanooga is one of very few markets where home prices will increase over the coming year. This increase is contributed to people moving into a region, rather than moving away from a region. The Chamber's recent success in business retention and recruitment helps Chattanooga's economy to grow. Click here for more. Chattanooga Wants Your Business
Chattanooga is included among's "8 Cities that Want Your Business!" The report cites CreateHere, SpringBoard and The Company Lab as efforts to nurture artists, creative entrepreneurs and other businesspeople. Click here for the article.

NYT Reports "Fastest Net Service in U.S. Coming to Chattanooga"
The New York Times cites Chattanooga as a global leader in fast Internet service thanks to the one gigabit a second Internet service, which the EPB will make available by the end of the year.  "Only Hong Kong and a few other cities in the world offer such lightning-fast service, and analysts say Chattanooga will be the first in the United States to do so," The Times reports. Click here for the article.

Mother Nature Network Looks at State as Electric Car Mecca
This online article highlights advantages that Tennessee offers those looking to manufacture or purchase electric vehicles. The author explains that assets in Nashville and Chattanooga are helping Tennessee compete against other states offering EV subsidies. Click here for the article.

Nuclear Power International Features Local Nuclear Construction Projects
TVA, Westinghouse and other companies are highlighted in this article on the growth in demand for nuclear energy and the spurt in nuclear construction projects around the globe. TVA’s Jack Bailey and Ashok Bhatnager are quoted throughout the piece.Click here for the article.

Chattanooga #1 in Economic Growth Potential 
Business Facilities Magazine ranked Chattanooga #1 among all American metros for “Economic Growth Potential” and among the top 10 for best cost of living. The national economic development magazine, circulates to more than 40,000 site selection consultants and business decision-makers. Click here for the downloadable file.

Site Selection Magazine Puts Tennessee In Top 10 States for Economic Development 
Tennessee is ranked among the top states in Site Selection magazine's annual rankings for economic development in 2009. Since January 2003, economic development projects in Tennessee have created more than 179,000 new jobs, $29 billion in new capital investment and 49 new corporate headquarters. Click here to read the story. 

Chamber Study Puts Tennessee in Top Ten States For Least Red-Tape, Low Business Taxes 
A new U.S. Chamber of Commerce study ranks Tennessee third among all states for its low business taxes and minimal red tape — a corporate-friendly combination that helped the state see a net gain of 260,000 residents since 2001. Click here to read the story. 

Silver Shovel Award to Tennessee From Area Development Magazine 
Tennessee has been recognized for its economic development success with a Silver Shovel Award from Area Development, a magazine covering corporate site selection and facility planning. The state was cited for achievements in attracting high-value investment projects that will create a significant number of new jobs in their communities. Click here to read the story. 

Tennessee Named Top State For Top Deals and Hot Markets 
Southern Business and Development magazine’s annual "Top Deals and Hot Markets" rankings have been released, and Tennessee is at the top of the list. To determine rankings, SB&D considers only companies making public commitments of 200 jobs or more, or $30 million in capital investment. Click here to read the story. 

Parade Names Lake Winnie A Top Family-Owned Park
Parade Magazine has named Lake Winnepesaukah one of eight top family-owned theme parks in the country. "America’s family-owned amusement parks offer big thrills in charming, retro settings," the magazine reports in its July 25 edition. Parade’s comment on Lake Winnie, under the heading "Enjoy a Day of Thrills," reads "A park to please all ages, with a vintage Fly-O-Plane ride, a 14-story free-fall and coasters for the bold and the timid." Click here to read the story. 

Daily Green Features Volkswagen Facility
The green features of the Volkswagen plant received coverage on the Mother Nature Network and in The Daily Green.  The Mother Nature article takes the reader on a tour of the VW facility and describes its groundbreaking environmentally protective assets.  Read the story here.  The Daily Green report describes VW's green innovations and includes a video interview with Mayor Littlefield and Mayor Ramsey about how Chattanooga landed the plant.  Read the blog here.

Industry Week Hails Chattanooga's "Rebirth of Manufacturing"
An Industry Week article discusses how Chattanooga transformed its manufacturing industry and the entire city's identity to reflect new, green, sustainable priorities.  The story cites Alstom, Westinghouse and Volkswagen as the major manufacturers that illustrate the trend and Chattanooga State's efforts to work with companies to implement targeted workforce training programs are discusses.  Read the story here Spotlights Chattanooga's VW Efforts
New York Times free lancer Jim Motovalli interviewed Mayor Ron Littlefield and other local officials for his Bnet report on the extraordinary measures Chattaooga employed to win the Volkswagen plant. Click here for the article.

Chattanooga State Featured in Power Engineering
Chattanooga State’s nuclear training program is featured in a Power Engineering article focusing on the nuclear renaissance and opportunities in nuclear-related training. The article positions Chattanooga State’s program as an innovative, ahead-of-the-curve program that may be used as a model for nuclear training in the US. For the entire story, click here.

Chattanooga's Art Scene Applauded
Chattanooga ranks No. 4 in the Top 25 Mid-Size Cities that are arts destinations, according to a readers poll conducted byAmerican Style Magazine. The article points out that through Chattanooga’s ArtsMove, an artist relocation program, “artists have been transforming formerly abandoned buildings into new galleries and studios. With three distinct arts districts in the city, there is something for everyone.” To read the story Click Here.

Tennessee One of the Best States for Business
Chief Executive magazine named Tennessee one of the top three states in the nation for business today in their sixth annual survey of Best and Worst States for Business. More than 650 chief executive officers rated states in three general categories: taxation and regulation, workforce quality and living environment.

Praise for Chattanooga’s Housing from House & Home
A lengthy piece in the Financial Times online recounts Chattanooga's rebirth and describes the diverse local housing from modern downtown condos to Highland Park Victorian classics.
To read the article click here.

Bicycling Ranks Chattanooga in Top 50 Bike-Friendly Cities
Chattanooga has ample greenways, including the recently completed Tennessee Riverpark, a 10-mile multi-use path that follows the Tennessee River from downtown to the Chickamauga Dam.  That's the praise fromBicycling, which names Chattanooga one of the 50 top bicycling cities in the U.S.
See the article here.

Fast Company Profiles VW, Features Mayors
The February issue of Fast Company includes a lengthy look at VW's American initiatives and a profile of Stefan Jacoby, president of Volkswagen Group of America.  In a sidebar Mayor Claude Ramsey and Mayor Ron Littlefield describe how Chattanooga landed the Volkswagen assembly plant project.  Click on the articles below:

The Germans are Coming: Volkswagen's Drive to Succeed in America

Willkommen to Chattanooga

The Orange County Register Spotlights Chattanooga
The Orange County Register calls Chattanooga a "Centerpiece City of the South," praising its organic blend of culture, history, arts and outdoor recreation.  By cultivating its natural attractions through decades of sweeping economic and environmental transformations, Chattanooga established a character that distinguishes it from other cities of the South and won it a notable spotlight in this California publication. Click here to read the article.

Southern Living Places North Chattanooga In Top Ten Comeback Neighborhoods
Southern Living has named North Chattanooga among the Top 10 Comeback Neighborhoods in the South. The salute highlights the reopening of the Walnut Street Bridge, the creation of Coolidge Park and the charm of North Chattanooga bungalows. To read the article, Click here

New Study Ranks Tennessee as 4th Happiest State
A study by the University of Warwick and Hamilton College ranks Tennessee as the "4th Happiest State in the U.S." The study compared survey results of the subjective life-satisfaction scores of 1.3 million Americans with objectively estimated quality of life. Click here to see the article and list.

Chattanooga in Top 40 of Best Places to Do Business
According to a study by MarketWatch, which examined factors such as employment, population growth, and the number of headquarters in a given city, Chattanooga ranks 38 among "The Best Places to Do Business for 2009." Click here to see the full list. Ranks Chattanooga in Top "Bang-For-The-Buck" Cities has ranked Chattanooga at number 8 of 100 most affordable cities to live in. Forbes said of Chattanooga and other top ranked cities, "Solid housing markets, relatively stable employment, enviable cost of living and quick commutes make these metros among the country's most affordable to live." Click here to read the story. Features CreateHere and Young Monster
A article features Chattanooga screen printing company, Young Monster, and CreateHere, an organization that supports entrepreneurial artistic endeavors. Young Monster is featured in a six-page slide show illustrating startups that have taken advantage of unique funding opportunities. The piece discusses Nick DuPey’s creation of Young Monster, as well as how CreateHere facilitated the company’s growth. It also includes facts about the overall success of CreateHere and a link to CreateHere’s website. The publicity came about as a result of the Chamber’s partnership with DCI, an economic development promotions firm in New York City. Click here to read the story. 

Business Facilities Chooses Chattanooga 
as an Editor's Location Pick
The return of Volkswagen manufacturing to the U.S. brought Chattanooga to the forefront of the editor's location picks in the October issue of Business Facilities.  The article coins the Enterprise South site as the "largest single economic development project in Tennessee's history" and applauds the campaign that attracted automotive part supplier, Gestamp. Click here to browse the site. 

Money Puts Chattanooga in Top 25
Retirement Cities
Citing no state income tax and its three healthcare systems, Money Magazine has named Chattanooga one of the 25 Best Places to Retire in the U.S. The article praises the city's renaissance, its scenic beauty and the downtown waterfront redevelopment. Click here to read the story. 

Chattanooga Among Top Manufacturing 
Locations, IndustryWeek Says
The October issue of IndustryWeek lists Chattanooga among the best manufacturing locations in the U.S., includes information on Chattanooga and how Volkswagen made the decision to locate in the region.  Titled "In Search of America's Best Manufacturing Locations," the article focuses on factors that go into companies' site selection decisions.  Chattanooga and Volkswagen are the lead anecdote, with David Geanacopoulos, executive VP and general counsel of VW America, quoted throughout the article on Chattanooga's assets, such as infrastructure, incentives, readiness of site and early investment in Enterprise South.  The article also includes a photo of construction on the site.  Read the article here

National Geographic and USA Today Choose Rock City and Chattanooga
USA Today released their list of "10 Great Places to
Find True Americana," and Rock City Gardens was among them, after the release of National Geographic's book, USA 101: A Guide to America's Iconic Places, Events, and Festivals by Gary McKechnie.  The article about the book is here.  The story can be found here.

Automotive Design & Production Features Chattanooga and Volkswagen Plans
The latest result from the VW Wall-Raising press trip, arranged by the Chamber, has appeared in the July/August issue of Automotive Design & Production.  Entitled "Volkswagen Plants Roots in Tennessee," the article by Kevin Kelly discusses the Chattanooga plant's role in VW's strategy for moving forward with U.S. sales.  Automotive Design & Production helps auto industry decision-makers in North America produce vehicles better, faster and cheaper so that they can remain competitive in the world automotive market.  It provides coverage of the latest in design, engineering and manufacturing technologies, as well as interviews with managers at notable automotive firms.  See the article here.

Outside Magazine Names Chattanooga One of 10 Best Towns for 2008 
"A very scenic, very happening, and very easy place to live, with unlimited options for climbing, caving, biking, hiking and paddling."  That's how one of the Outside Magazine subscribers describes Chattanooga, named by the magazine one of the Ten Best Towns for 2008.  The magazine article also focuses on the Chattanooga renaissance which "has remade downtown into a live/work/play crossroads with half a dozen parks, a new organic grocer, and the annual Riverbend music festival, which spans nine days and six stages."To view the entire article go here.

USA Today Applauds Good, Affordable 
Chattanooga Eats 
A June 11 USA Today article highlights five Chattanooga eateries in a piece called Down-home dining:  Profiles of cheap-eats classics.  Three of the five restaurants highlighted are Chamber members:  Sugar's Ribs, St. John's Restaurant and 212 Market. For the entire article go here.



Tennessee Ranks in Top 10 Competitive States for Business
Tennessee placed in the Top Ten Competitive States for business expansion activity in 2008, according to the May issue of Site Selection Magazine. Tennessee tied with Alabama for seventh place in the ranking, based on several criteria including new and expanded facilities, capital investment in those facilities and total new jobs created by the facilities.


News Magazine Includes Chattanooga on 10 Affordable Places to Retire 
In March U.S. News and World Report named Chattanooga to a list of the Ten Affordable Places to Retire. The magazine sought out places with a low cost of living, giving considerable weight to affordable housing. “But far from being out in the boonies,” the article said, “these places also offer access to arts and culture, sports, healthcare, and other amenities that retirees want and need in a retirement location. Every spot on our list has a median home price below $150,000, and many have important tax perks for retirees.” For the entire article go here. For photograph and more go here.


Forbes Magazine Says Technology
Makes Chattanooga Great Place for Business

Forbes magazine pinpoints technology as a pillar of Chattanooga’s rebirth while summarizing the city’s renaissance in its April Best Places feature. The article describes support from the UT SimCenter for nano-fiber manufacturer eSPIN Technologies and points out that Smart Furniture takes orders over the Internet, selling office and home furniture the way Dell sells computers. Forbes writes: “The tide started to turn at the water's edge. For two decades, beginning in 1985, the city worked to clean up a blighted 13-mile industrial corridor along the Tennessee River. ...Acres once dotted with radiator, tire and bottling plants were transformed at a cost of $120 million into parkland. Over $2 billion has been invested in downtown development,...and the Tennessee Aquarium, home to the world's largest freshwater tank.” 

To read the complete article, click on
Forbes Magazine


Chattanooga #2 Top Arts Destination Mid-Size City
Chattanooga placed second in the 2009 Top 25 Mid-Size Cities for Art, according to the results of AmericanStyle magazine’s Top 25 Arts Destinations poll. “Chattanooga’s commitment to the arts has helped lead a city-wide revitalization, drawing artists and art lovers to take up residence there,” the article says. Click here to read the story on pages 50, 53, 54, 55 and 57.



BusinessWeek Says VW Plant a Good Bet
Despite Automobile Industry Downturn
The December 10 issue of BusinessWeek concludes that the faltering global auto industry notwithstanding, the Volkswagen plant being built in Chattanooga makes sense. “…Volkswagen remains relatively healthy thanks to its strong presence in developing markets such as China, Russia and Latin America,” the magazine reports.  And “While U.S. automakers must retool massively away from gas guzzles, Volkswagen already has generations of experience building mid-priced, fuel-efficient cars . . .”  To read the article click here.


 “Supplier-Side” Economics: VW Means 
Business for Auto Supplier Industry
Chattanooga is featured in the February 2 edition of Automotive News in an article discussing the opportunities for local suppliers as the result of Volkswagen’s decision to locate an auto assembly plant here.  Automation IG and Woodbridge Foam Fabricating officials represent the hundreds of suppliers hopeful about a rebound in business created by the billion dollar VW facility. The article, "Chattanooga woo-woo: Local suppliers court VW,"  was written by April Wortham who participated in  an out-of-town journalists visit to the city last December. To read the article click here.

Aerisyn Featured in Electricity Today
The October 2008 issue of Electricity Today features an article on the explosion of wind generation in the United States and Aerisyn’s contribution to the wind energy boom in Tennessee. The article by the publication’s editor describes the challenges of building the gigantic wind towers and the company’s expansion in the world’s fastest growing renewable energy industry. In the piece Chamber VP Trevor Hamilton calls Aerisyn “a substantial addition to Chattanooga’s existing high-tech manufacturers.”  

To read the complete article, click on


Chattanooga Among National Geographic's 50 Next Great Towns

Chattanooga Among National Geographic's 50 Next Great Towns
The September 2008 issue of National Geographic's Adventure magazine includes Chattanooga among the "50 Next Great Towns" for living and playing. "A change of address can bring instant gratification," the feature article begins. "You could wake up tomorrow in Missoula and kayak off your own deck at down, sneak in singletrack at lunch in Chattanooga or choose your own adventure in any one of the country's best base camps.  But a move is a long-term investment. So this year we selected 50 innovative towns that aren't just prime relocation spots right now but smart choices for the future." The salute to Chattanooga is from Cathi Cannon, an athlete and graphic designer, who likes the easy access to off-road racing, camaraderie with other sports enthusiasts and a thriving community. The article includes a photograph of two outdoors buffs carrying their kayaks down the bank of the Tennessee River. 

To read the complete article, click on
National Geographic's 50 Next Great Towns


MSN Money Calls Chattanooga a "New Hot Retirement Spot"

In the June 12 edition of MSN Money, reporter Suzanne McGee examines non-traditional destinations for the next generation of retirees: the high-energy baby boomers. According to McGee, "...the stereotypically sedate retirement lifestyle is making way for a new set of retirement hotspots. So goodbye, Florida, and hello, Chattanooga...where the amenities include hiking and biking trails, an aquarium and a thriving local arts scene." 

To read the complete article, click on
The New Hot Retirement Spots


Buying a Low-Priced Home in Chattanooga Makes Sense, According to MSN Money

Chattanooga is among an MSN Money list of 66 cities where buying a low-priced home makes sense. The report says that despite falling house prices, people are much better off in many parts of the country to buy a low-priced home instead of rent, according to new data compiled by the National Low Income Housing Coalition and the Center for Economic and Policy Research. In four years, equity in a low-priced home bought in Chattanooga with a six percent loan would amount to over $41,000, the report says.

To read the complete article, click on
66 Cities Where Buying Makes Sense


Chattanooga is Third-Best Place to Live in U.S.

Chattanooga is one of America’s best places to live, according to a 2008 listing Nominated for its rich culture, beautiful landscapes and business opportunities, Chattanooga landed a third-place ranking—topping cities like Seattle, WA, Asheville, NC and Albuquerque, NM. Each year, RelocateAmerica—an online source of community and real estate information—compiles a list of the Top 100 places to live in the U.S., according to statistics and feedback from the people who live in the nominated cities. 

To read the press release, click on Top 100


Greenwire Profiles Chattanooga's Role in Atomic Energy Sector

Greenwire reported in April that Chattanooga is poised for a nuclear power renaissance. One of the country’s leading information sources for coverage of environmental and energy policy,Greenwire cites the city's history as an atomic pioneer, two major recent nuclear industry expansions (Alstom and Westinghouse)and asserts that both Chattanooga and its surrounding geographical region have "logistical advantages for a revitalized nuclear power sector that few other areas can match." Reporter Daniel Cusick also points out other renewable energy investments in Chattanooga, including three major wind power development companies and the SimCenter, a UT research institute dedicated to alternative-fuel vehicles. 

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Chattanooga Still Booms During Economic Slowdown According to Christian Science Monitor

Amid concern that the US economy is slipping and sliding into a recession, the Christian Science Monitor places Chattanooga among the states and cities expected to continue to grow. With a more diverse economic mix than in previous recessions, the article says, Chattanooga is no longer hit hard by economic downturns; it shrugs them off. In virtually all cases, those areas of growth mentioned in the article appear to have avoided the huge run-up in housing prices and subsequent collapse, though having the right industries or resources were also listed as contributing factors. 

To read the complete article, click on
Christian Science Monitor (Larger File)
Christian Science Monitor (Smaller File)


USA Today Says Buyers "Get a Lot of House for Their Money" in Chattanooga 

People who move to Chattanooga from other parts of the country are finding they can get a lot of house for their money, according to a recent article by USA Today. Despite the recent nation-wide turmoil in the housing market, 2007 was Chattanooga's third best year ever for home sales. The story also notes that not only are home prices reasonable; there's no state income tax in Tennessee. In addition, the city is centrally located near Atlanta, Knoxville, Nashville and Birmingham. 

To read the complete article, click on
USA Today



BusinessTN Magazine Highlights Chattanooga's SimCenter 

The April 2008 issue of BusinessTN Magazine highlights Chattanooga's SimCenter, an academic research program of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga that is bringing jobs and recognition to the city. The center uses computer simulation technology to study real-world problems while using fewer resources than traditional research facilities. NASA, the US Department of Energy and the US Navy are just three of many organizations that have turned to the SimCenter for answers to large-scale engineering questions. 

To read the complete article, click on
BusinessTN Magazine April 2008


Chattanooga Recognized as a Great Place to
Walk and Bike

Chattanooga is among the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP) members’ favorite places to walk and bike, according to a poll of APBP members. The APBP recently asked members to nominate the best nonmotorized transportation (NMT) communities. Where do you see people routinely walking or biking for their daily trips? What cities are your favorite places to walk or bike? Which places link bicycling, walking, and transit into a seamless system? 

For more on the story, including other cities that made the list, click on
Journal of the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals


CBS News Early Show Salutes Chattanooga as Eco-Friendly Destination

During the February 19 edition of the CBS News Early Show, Chattanooga was recommended as one of the best environmentally friendly places in the world to visit on vacation. The national report featured Chattanooga as “a walkable and bike-friendly city, very eco-oriented.” Chattanooga's salute also appeared on the network’s website.

To watch the full report, click on
"Green" Vacations And Destinations



Retirement Lifestyles Places Ch, attanooga Among Top 10 Healthy Cities

Chattanooga is one of the Top 10 Healthy Places in the Southeast for longevity and enjoying a productive retirement lifestyle, according to Retirement Lifestyles magazine. Chattanooga was the only city in Tennessee to make the Top 10 list or the honorable mentions in the magazine’s December 2007/January 2008 edition. The editors considered quality healthcare, climate, safety, ecosystems, recreation and other criteria in making their selections. 

To read the entire article, click on 
Retirement Lifestyles
(December 2007 / January 2008)



USA Today Focuses on Chattanooga's Water Resources

An article published in USA Today on November 14 describes Chattanooga as a “water-rich city” and discusses the business and residential advantages of living in the city where the Tennessee River and the TVA water management system make water abundantly available to both industry and individuals even amidst the multi-year drought which has gripped much of the South East. 

To read the entire article, click on
USA Today - November 14, 2007



US Airways Magazine Features Chattanooga

Chattanooga is the profile city in the August edition of US Airways Magazine, the award-winning in-flight magazine of US Airways. The comprehensive 38-page special segment covers everythi, ng from the riverfront to the Read House, from Moon Pies to UTC's SimCenter. Headlines call Chattanooga "one of the most liveable cities in the South," a "re-energized river city" and a community that's "drawing attention and business. US AirwaysMagazine reaches an audience of over three million business and leisure travelers each month. 

To read the entire article, click on
US Airways Magazine - Profile:Chattanooga August 2007



Southern Living Salutes Splashy River Town

The travel section of the July 2007 issue of Southern Living features Chattanooga as a traveler’s delight in a four page, photo-studded article. Titled Splashy River Town, the piece begins, "Chattanooga just keeps getting better. Ditch your car, and discover new surprises around every bend." Click here for the entire story.


To read the entire article, click on
Southern Living Article July 2007



<, FONT, size="2">SmartFurniture Featured in Business Development Outlook

SmartFurniture is featured on Business Development Outlook’s website in an article that discusses company founder Stephen Culp’s reasons for choosing to locate in Chattanooga and the innovations behind his business technology.


To read the entire article, click on
Outlook article May 2007



Local Inventor Featured in Popular Science

Fred Pearson of Chattanooga Fred Pearson Enterprises is recognized in the June issue of Popular Science magazine for his creation of the Stunstick Neuroscrambler, an innovative security device that enables users to safely knock down and incapacitate aggressors without causing any lasting harm. The product by the Signal Mount, ain inventor uses, high voltage electro-muscular disruption (EMD) technology similar to that found in conventional stun guns or Tasers. Pearson is a client of the Hamilton County Center for Entrepreneurial Growth (CEG) and a client/resident of the UTC/Hamilton County Accelerator, located in the UTC Engineering Building. The CEG is administered by the Chamber. 

To read the entire article, click on
Popular Science article May 2007



Southern Business & Development Praises Mutual Admiration between Chattanooga and Hamilton Plastics

The corporate love affairs section of the Spring 2007 issue of Southern Business & Development showcases the great relationship between Hamilton Plastics and Chattanooga. 

To read the entire article, click on
Southern Business & Development article Spring 2007


Merri Mai Williamson Featured in Inc. Magazine

Chattanooga's own Merri Mai Williamson, founder of Application Researchers, is featured in the March issue of Inc. Magazine. In a piece entitled "Are You Sales Phobic?" the local businesswoman and community leader d, i, sclose, s, that despite early success selling her employee background-check service to prospective clients, she had a strong aversion to calling on people. Williamson tells Inc. she resolved her own issue with selling by letting Application Researchers sell itself. "I have no doubt that the national exposure will lend credibility to our marketing efforts and expand our name recognition," Williamson says of the story. "We have the Chattanooga Area Chamber to thank for quickly responding to the writer's request and introducing the interview opportunity to several Chattanooga entrepreneurs."

To read the entire article, click on
Inc. March 2007



Planning Magazine Praises Chattanooga’s Bicycle Friendliness

The American Planning Association has given Chattanooga a National Planning Excellence Award for its long-standing commitment to making the community bicycle friendly.  The article notes that Chattanoogans have began implementing the plan forty years ago.  The result:  “Today, [bicyclists] can “rack and ride” on city buses, commute on marked and signed bicycle lanes, roll down the 10-mile long Tennessee Riverpark, and park and ride to Riverbend, the city’s summer music festival.  Read the full article.

To read the entire article, click on
Planning Magazine



Land Development Today: Partnering is Core Philosophy in Chattanooga

Both the March and February 2007 issues of Land Development Today contain articles on Chattanooga, written by Greg Yoko, who participated in a Chattanooga Area Chamber-sponsored media tour here last November.

The March article appears on the front page of a supplement section within the magazine. Entitled "The Revitalization of Chattanooga: Partnering is Core Philosophy in Chattanooga", the story quotes Mayor Ron Littlefield, Mayor Claude Ramsey, RiverCity Vice President Jim Bowen and other local leaders. Chattanooga’s revitalization projects, the half-back phenomenon, private sector development efforts and the Coca-Cola bottling business in Chattanooga are highlighted. 

February’s story, entitled "Learning New Tricks," features Brett Dillon of Dillon Consulting as an expert developer, emphasizing the importance of sustainable building design to the quality and the cost of a building project. 

Land Development Today content focuses on new and emerging technologies, concepts, developmental trends and regulatory issues, as well as project and business management strategies.

To read the entire article, click on
Land Development Today March 2007
Land Development Today February 2007


Hot Town: Chattanooga is a Favorite of Site Selectors

Chattanooga's stock as a great place for business soared after Expansion Management Magazine ranked it among the top cities in the country for businesses looking to relocate or expand. The February issue of the magazine calls Chattanooga one of America's 50 hottest cities, based on a survey of 80 prominent corporate site location experts.

To read the entire article, click on
Expansion Mana, gement January/February 2007



Retirement Lifestyles: "11 Great Places to Retire in the South"

Chattanooga was named one of the Top 11 Southern Retirement Towns in the February/March 2007 issue of Retirement Lifestyles, a 10-year-old magazine that highlights locations, communities and lifestyles for prospective retirees across the U.S.

To read the entire article, click on
Retirement Lifestyles February/March 2007


Atlantic Southeast: "Riverwalk Visionary"

The January/February 2007 issue of Atlantic Southeast Magazine features Chattanooga's Riverwalk, highlighting Bobby Davenport Jr.'s involvement in its history and future. The article praises the entire community’s involvement and philanthropy in making this project a success.

To read the entire article, click on
Atlantic Southeast January/February 2007


The Wall Street Journal: "Revitalizing Communities with Culture"

A December 2, 2006 special section of The Wall Street Journal describes how U.S. cities, including Chattanooga, are benefiting from the expansion of arts and cultural venues.

To read the entire article, click on
The Wall Street Journal December 2, 2006

h Magazine: "Thriving by Design"

"Thriving by Design," a six-page article in the 2006 annual report issue of h magazine, a publication of The Heinz Foundation, offers an overview of Chattanooga’s downtown revitalization. The story grew out of a visit here last October by a delegation from Pittsburgh, interested in how Chattanooga’s t, , ransformation becam, e a national success story for civic design and community development. Says h: A decade ago, Chattanooga officials took a cue from Pittsburgh on how to revive a community hard hit by industrial decline. Now Pittsburgh civic leaders are getting tips from Chattanooga on how to revive a downtown."

To read the entire article, click on
h Magazine - 2006 Annual Report Issue


EPA's This Is Smart Gr,, owth features Chattanooga

Chattanooga’s riverfront revitalization and Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise are featured in This is Smart Growth, a new publication from the International City/County Management Association and the Smart Growth Network which is supported with funding from the EPA. The Chattanooga community is one of 40 from around the country selected for inclusion because of success in rejuvenating the waterfront into a destination for tourists and residents and for creating affordable neighborhoods for low-income residents.

To read the entire article, click on
This Is Smart Growth


The New York Times: "Chattanooga is Tennessee's Undiscovered Gem"
September 13, 2006

Chattanooga was in the spotlight in the New York Times this week with a salute as the featured 36 Hours Escape destination for the paper’s September 13 online edition. “Not too small and not too big, Chattanooga is really the undiscovered gem of Tennessee, where old-school Southern manners and grand Victirian mansions meet a thoroughly modern, eco-friendly Tennessee riverfront” is how writer Harold Goldberg launched his glowing piece on the Can Do City. During his 36-hour tour of Chattanooga Goldberg carries readers from Ross’s Landing to Rhythm & Brews, from the Bea’s Restaurant to the African American Museum, from the Hunter Museum to the Chattanooga Choo Choo.

To read the entire article, click on
NYT September 13, 2006

Parade: "Good Schools Can Happen"
August 27, 2006

The cover story of the August 27 issue of Parade magazine features Chattanooga, along with five other communities, that have made outstanding, progress in improvi, ng their public schools. The article, titled "Good Schools Can Happen," focuses on Chattanooga’s success at demanding and acquiring better teachers. The article cites the Public Education Foundation, the Urban League, the Chattanooga Bar Association and community volunteers, among others, for supporting and engendering high-performing teachers. Other communities making sure their children receive a quality education, according to Parade, are Long Beach, CA,; Cleveland Heights, OH; Bridgeport, CT; and Mobile, AL.

To read the entire article, click on
Parade August 27, 2006


<, TD>

The Manufacturer: "Ford Fights Back"
August, 2005

The August issue of The Manufacturer magazine features an interview with Ford Motor Company chief Bill Ford and excerpts from his keynote address at the Chamber's Spirit of Innovation Awards luncheon. "I don't want to compete with Toyota; I want to win," Ford said at the luncheon. "I'm sick of playing defense. We're going on the offense." Ford noted in his speech that quality cars are now coming from all over the world. The real differentiation today, he said, is innovation.

The article describes Ford's efforts to revive his company's position in the automotive industry and his vision for the 21st century. The article also des, cr, ibes Ford's ties to Chattanooga and the Kruesi Award for innovation through inventor Thomas Edison, a fitting tie for Ford who stated in his speech that "innovation is the central element of our strategic plans for the future." 

To read the entire article, click on
The Manufacturer August 2005


Urban Land: "Reviving Cities"
July, 2005

The July 2005 issue of Urban Land magazine likened Chattanooga's successful riverfront revival to that of Baltimore, San Antonio and New Orleans. The article describes how Chattanooga is among a handful of cities acr, oss the nation that has "stimulated economic growth by rediscovering and promoting their more permanent assets like riverfronts and educational institutions." The article explains how Chattanooga's Vision 2000, set forth in 1985 with strong public involvement, and former Mayor Bob Corker's bold 21st Century Waterfront Plan have brought people and excitement back into the city.

To read the entire article, click on
Urban Land July 2005


Food Logistics: "Southern Comfort"
Summer, 2005

The summer 2005 issue of Food Logi, stic, s magazine highlights Chattanooga in its top ten regions for locating a food and beverage distribution center. The article describes how Chattanooga's proximity to major U.S. markets, access to some 70 transportation carriers, and manufacturing heritage make the city an ideal location for food and beverage manufacturers. "The area is undergoing a renaissance, transforming itself from its bustling industrialized past into a cosmopolitan city with amenities matching those of large metro centers throughout the country."

To read the entire article, click on
Food Logistics Summer 2005



Foreign Direct Investment: "US Cities and States of the Future 2005/06"
June/July, 2005

Chattanooga won "Most Cost-Effective" city in Foreign Direct Investment magazine's US Cities and States of the Future 2005-06 awards. The Scenic City also won second place for "Best Promotion Strategy" for efforts to market Chattanooga as an ideal place to do business. The magazine citation termed Chattanooga's rental and salary rates "extremely attractive" to business owners and said that the city's workers possess a solid work ethic, job turnover is low and employee dedication is high. The award for "Best Promotion Strategy" was based on the Chamber's Tell the World! job growth campaign. The four-year marketing and business recr, uitment, , effort to grow 20,000 jobs by 2007 resulted from a private-public investment of $9 million.

To read the entire article, click on
Foreign Direct Investment June/July 2005


USA Today: "Chattanooga: A Riverfront Transformed"
June, 2005

USA Today is among seve, ral news media that have highlighted t, he projects in Chattanooga’s riverfront transformation. The a, rticle that appeared in a June 2005 issue of USA Today describes Chattanooga’s rebirth as the Scenic City and the completion of the $120 million redevelopment of the Tennessee River waterfront. The article describes the major projects of the riverfront project including expansions of the Tennessee Aquarium, Hunter Museum, and Creative Discovery Museum and the addition of the River Pier and The Passage. 

Quoted in the article is former Mayor Bob Corker who envisioned the riverfront project and secured its funding. "I don't know of a community in America that could come together the way ours has," Corker said. "We have this vital urban area that has been transformed and all these God-given amenities around us."

To read the entir,, e article, click on
USA Today June 2005


Real Estate Forum: "Deals and Dealmakers"
June, 2005

With the majority of the 21st Century Waterfront completed and garnering national attention, Chattanooga’s plans to draw commercial and residential activity into the city are being brought to the attention of real estate executives nationwide in the June 2005 issue of Real Estate Forummagazine. The article explains how the $144 million in housing developments, including 400 condominiums and 200 rental apartments, will ultimately be occupied by a broad range of residents with various income levels. Also featured in the article are the completed waterfront projects, Enterprise South Industrial Park and the coming groundbreaking on the $200 million BlueCross BlueShield campus.

To , read the , entire ar, ticle, click on 
Real Estate Forum June 2005



Native Peoples: "Coming Full Circle"
July/August, 2005
One of Chattanooga’s newest waterfront additions "The Passage" is highlighted in the July/August issue of Native Peoples. Writer Daniel Gibson describes the symbolic return of the Cherokee people to Chattanooga as represented by "the largest outdoor work of art created by Southeastern Native peoples in the past 1,000 years," according to the article. Als, o , featured is the day-long cel, ebration , of Cherokee heritage and arts that followed the dedication of The Passage, including the lighting of braziers at Ross’s Landing by the chief of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma and the chief of the Eastern Band of Cherokees.

To read the entire article, click on 
Native Peoples July/August 2005


Building: "A River Runs through It"
April/May, 2005

The 2, 1st Century W, , aterfront Plan receiv, ed international praise in the April/May issue ofBuilding magazine. The magazine describes the waterfront transformation as a model formula for cities wanting to lure residents and businesses downtown. The article details former Mayor Bob Corker's efforts to reconnect Chattanooga with its riverfront, the Chamber's involvement in bringing the city's manufacturing heritage into the 21st Century, and plans for a BlueCross BlueShield campus on Cameron Hill. Building, a Canadian publication, reaches an audience of Canadian businesspeople and manufacturers who are increasingly looking to our region as an opportunity for investment. The article resulted from a press tour of Chattanooga hosted by the Chamber.
To read the entire article, click on
Building April/May 2005


Minorities and Women in Business: "Chattanooga Renaissance"
, April/May, 2005

Chattanooga’s renaissance and the role of business in the city’s rebirth are featured in the cover story of the April/May issue of Minorities and Women in Business (MWIB) magazine. The article focuses on entrepreneurs in the Chamber-managed Business Development Center (BDC) but also highlights women and minorities that are leading businesses outside the BDC. "Chattanooga has remade itself through strategic partnerships, generation of new businesses and community involvement," writer Charles DuPree says in the story. MWIB magazine provides its 60,000 subscribers with information on business opportunities and the latest on new products and services from companies across the country.

To read the entire article, click on
Minorities and Women in Business April/May 2005


Inc.: "Are You Paying Yourself Enough?"
November, 2004
Chattanooga-based entrepreneur Stephen Culp, CEO of Smart Furniture, joins Robert Redford, Ted Turner and other notables who have appeared on the cover of Inc. magazine.  Culp was featured on the cover of the 2004 November issue of the magazine that The New York Times has called the bible for small business. Culp is among the company presidents featured in Inc.’s cover story on how much CEOs should pay themselves.  Smart Furniture produces shelving that consumers can customize through a Web-based interface available at Smart Furniture was a finalist in the Chamber’s 2004 Spirit of Innovation Award competition and recently closed a $1.75 million venture capital funding deal.

The Financial Times of London: "On the Verge of a High-Tech Breakthrough"
Thursday, July 8, 2004

The Financial Times of London, a daily journal that reaches nearly 490,000 international business executives and other decision-makers across the economic world, describes Chattanooga as a potential leader in 21st Century manufacturing. A column in the July 8, 2004 edition summarizes Chattanooga’s revival over the past two decades and describes its recent successes in cutting edge industries. The article attributes much of Chattanooga’s success to city leaders and their efforts to work closely with the public sector.

"Why has Chattanooga succeeded in its revitalization while other midsize manufacturing towns in the midwest and northeast are stagnating or deteriorating? Its principle advantage is an activist citizenry. Community leaders have learnt to harness this through a process called 'visioning' and 'the Chattanooga Way'... Public-private partnerships have swiftly implemented the visions. Community power has been harnessed to give Chattanooga a role in building 21st century manufacturing."


Automotive News: "So you want to build an auto plant, eh?"
September 13, 2004
Chattanooga's Enterprise South industrial park receives national attention in this industry leading publication as the city promotes the park to potential automakers. The article explains the changing methods of state economic developers towards presenting prepackaged sites to automakers.

"In Chattanooga, Tenn., the Chamber of Commerce recently drew up a colorful engineering site plan showing an auto plant (any auto plant) neatly situated on a woodsy 1,200-acre land parcel... The plan even shows where the employee parking would be, where the test track would be and where the automaker (any automaker) would park finished vehicles for shipping."


&, lt;, TR> , ,


U.S. Industry Today: "Site Selection: Chattanooga"
This two-page spread in U.S. Industry Today describes Chattanooga's resurgence as an energized and vital gateway to the region's continued economic sustainability following a decade of phenomenal growth in the city. Included in the article is an account of Chattanooga's focus on economic development and its goal of targeting industries such as automotive and medical manufacturing for locating in the Enterprise South megasite.

"When international site selection consultants, the Wadley-Donovan Group, completed a recent location audit of Chattanooga, they identified a number of key strategic reasons for locating business in the region. Among these: location, infrastructure, workforce, institutions of higher learning, water supply, and quality of life."



Outside Magazine: A Top Ten Dream Town 
September, 2001 
Chattanooga is featured in this issue of Outside Magazine as a top ten dream town. The article describes Chattanooga's renaissance and describes the city as a perfect place for those who wish to "live big, play hard, and work (if you must)." Highlighted are the city's abundance of outdoor activities, flourishing industries, and affordable living.

"Nearly half a billion dollars [has been] sunk into lifestyle upgrades. The downtown banks of the Tennessee lure locals with arts and bluegrass festivals, miles of riverfront wa, lkways, and , seven-acre Coolidge Park. In the hills just outside of town, the Cumberland Plateau offers a jackpot of rock- and water-, based diversions—dense hardwood forests, trailheads, put-ins, and caves—all close enough fo,, r junkets before or after work. If life in a city , reinventing itself sounds appealing, you won't get many chances like this."

To read the entire article, click on
Outside Magazine September 2001


The New York Times: "Smaller U.S. Airports Are Increasingly Popular"
Tuesday, May 13, 2003
Bigger isn't always better according to many frequent-flying businesspeople in this New York Times article. Chattanooga's Metropolitan Airport receives mention for its competitive advantage over larger airports. Quoted in the article is Stephen R. Elliot, president of SRE Associates, who says that cheap and convenient airline connections affected his decision to relocate his business to Chattanooga.

"As suburban and regional airports grow, offering more frequent flights and more destinations, some consultants say they could act as magnets for businesses seeking to expand or relocate outside of big cities."

To read the entire article, click on
The New York Times May 2003


U.S. News & World Report: "One of Six Cities That Work"
In 1998, a U.S. News & World Report cover story profiled six cities, only three of them in North America, with lessons to share on improving services, fighting blight, making urban life safe for kids, and reversing the decades-long flight of residents and businesses.  Chattanooga is one of the cities highlighted in this article. 



Urban Land "Chattanooga Changes"
June, 2004
In a four-page spread in the June, 2004 edition of Urban Land magazine, Chattanooga receives notable attention for its recent revitalization efforts. The article describes the efforts of Mayor Bob Corker and Hamilton County Executive Claude Ramsey to transform the community once again. Featured in the article is the city’s ambitious 21st Century Waterfront Plan, together with a comprehensive job growth strategy, which have Chattanooga posed to emerge as the envy of riverfront cities across the nation.

"Despite the lackluster national economy of recent years, building projects totaling more than $460 million in public and private sector investment are underway across the Chattanooga area, and a cadre of public and private developers are renovating scores of homes in once-marginal neighborhoods."

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Urban Land June 2004



Foreign Direct Investment: "Talking Up Chattanooga"
April/May, 2003
In a two-page article the Foreign Direct Investment describes Chattanooga’s growing stature as a business center and the pivotal role Mayor Bob Corker – himself a successful businessman -- is playing in promulgating the notion that the Scenic City is also the City of Commerce.

"The economic development of Chattanooga has made it an ideal 
environment for foreign companies looking to relocate or expand. . . 
Compared to revitalization efforts at other important north American cities such as Pittsburgh,, PA and Vancover, BC, t, hat took years to complete, the developers and leadership of Chattanooga have moved with unprecedented speed to raise the, funds and complete the (21st Century Water, front Redevelopment Plan) work by spring 2005." 

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Foreign Direct Investment April/May 2003<, /EM>




Business Xpansion Journal: "Chattanooga Benefits from 
Manufacturing's Upswing"
March, 2004
In the March, 2004 issue of Business Xpansion Journal, Chattanooga was noted for its ability to thrive on the recent upswing in the manufacturing sector. According the article, Chattanooga’s diversity of industries, large manufacturing workforce, technical training resources, and various transportation outlets have kept companies growing in the area instead of looking for other locations. Chattanooga’s successful manufacturing industry was also attributed to the city’s proximity to suppliers and vendors and the final marketplace.

"Chattanooga's manufacturing strengths lie in the diverse industries of food and beverage manufacturing, and the plastics industry to support it, as well as medical device manufacturers, with a niche in the rehabilitation industry."

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Business Expansion Journal March 2004


New York Times: "Chattanooga’s Quirky Charm"
Sunday,, , July 27, 200, 3

When it comes, to national publicity, a complimentary article in the New York Times is nothing short of a home run. On July 27, 2003 Chattanooga swatted one over the cheap seats. The NYT devoted the cover of its Travel Section to a glowing piece about the amusements and delights of visiting Chattanooga. The reporter whisked readers from a Chattanooga Ducks glide along the Tennessee to a ride on a hand-carved ostrich on the Coolidge Park carousel to a stroll through the formal gardens of the Choo Choo.

"What we found was a spruced-up riverfront studded with educational, family-oriented activities, namely, the Tennessee Aquarium and IMAX Theater and the Creative Discovery Museum, sprawling public parks and walkways, and a nod to the arts with the Bluff View Art District, a two-block area of museums, galleries, restaurants and inns."

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The New York Times July 2003



National Public Radio: "What Makes a City Great?"
In February 2001 NPR broadcast a series on some of the great cities of the world. Paris, London, Amsterdam, Chicago and, yes, Chattanooga were lauded in the series that aired every Tuesday of the month. The program on Chattanooga, which was reported by NPR veteran Susan Stamberg, aired on February 20, 2001.

Here is an excerpt from the introduction to the report on Chattanooga. "A revitalization effort has paid off: Chattanooga has received national recognition for the renaissance of its downtown and redevelopment of its riverfront. NPR’s Susan Stamberg recently visited the city of 150,000 and found that Chattanooga possesses a strong sense of community, a handsome natural landscape and seems to have the ability to solve problems that are often daunting to bigger cities."

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NPR February 2001



Parade Magazine Cover Story: "The Reborn American City"
The April 25, 1999 issue of Parade Magazine featured Chattanooga in its cover story, focusing on the revitalization on the downtown area. The article reads, "Once a prime example for everything wrong with America, Chattanooga (pop. 148,820) is turning itself around. The city's formerly decaying riverfront is now a thriving entertainment district that draws more than a million visitors a year. Electric buses, locally built and free to ride, ply downtown streets. A not-for-profit group is spending more than $30 million a year on housing. And the air, once so dirty you had to drive with your headlights on at noon, is clean again.

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Parade Magazine April 1999


Expansion Management Magazine:
Top Fifty Hottest Cities for Attracting Business
In its January 2000 issue Expansion Management Magazine named Chattanooga one of the nation's 50 Hottest Cities for attracting business. A panel of national site selection consultants ranked Chattanooga 37th, ahead of such cities as Seattle, Chicago, and Orlando. The professionals surveyed included factors such as quality of life, the public/private partnership relationship, and most importantly, the city's ability to capture the attention of consultants who are helping businesses find a good location, according to the magazine. 


Southern Living Favorites: "Great Little City that Could"
Spring, 2004
One of several Southern Living salutes to Chattanooga includes this two-page s, pread , with eight photographs and a narrative describing local successes from attractions like the carousel at Coolidge Park to preservation initiatives like Lovemans on Market condominiums. The article summarizes the city’s challenges from the 1960s and 70s and concludes that the "transformation has been nothing short of phenomenal."

"On the horizon looms a $120 million 21st Century Waterfront Plan. . . Such a plan is clearly a challenge, but the people of this great 'little city that could' don’t just think they can do it –they know they can. They’ve done it before."



Family Fun: "Top Ten Family-Friendly Cities"
Family Fun's February 1998 magazine features the 10 most family-friendly cities in the U.S. All the cities featured in the article offer countless activities for rainy and sunny days, loads of freebies, family-oriented hotels and restaurants, be,, , , autiful pu, b, l, i, c parks, fascinating ethnic and historic neighborhoods,, and a special spirit that can turn an ordinary walk into a memorable learning adventure. Chattanooga was praised for its Southern hospitality and reasonable prices. The city was singled out for "Best Friendly Spirit."


Nation’s Cities Weekly: "Chattanooga Reconnects to the River"
March 31, 2003

The official publication of the National League of Cities spotlighted Chattanooga in its Successful City Programs feature in March 2003. The story highlighted the public/private partnerships that have become the hallmark of Chattanooga’s resurgence over the past decade and a half.

"The city is also hoping to reap the rewards of a new program at the University of Tennessee that is acting as a high tech business incubator. Combined with the city’s fiber-optic network and its location between research and development facilities in Oak Ridge, TN and Huntsville, AL, . . . Chattanooga is at the hub of a new, Deep South Re, search Triangle."

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<, A class="," href="" target=_blank>Nation's Cities Weekly March 2003



Inc. "Getting Started. Get Out of the House"
May, 2004

Once again the world is looking to Chattanooga and another of its largely successful entrepreneurs. The May, 2004 edition of Inc. magazine features the first tenant at Enterprise South Industrial Park in Chattanooga, Jayesh Doshi, CEO of eSpin Technologies. The article focuses on when and how a company should buy its first office space. The story highlights eSpin’s experience of going from an incubator environment at the Chamber-managed Business Development Center to an office space environment.

"…The incubator was an ideal place for him (Doshi) to launch his business because it offered the flexibility to grow – an advantage that Doshi did not soon forget. After six months of looking, he found a 40,000-square-foot facility that he felt he could afford and signed a five-year lease. … 'The building sits on 10 acres of land,’ he says, ‘So we’ll have the ability to expand.’"

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Inc. May, 2004 



AAA Going Places: "Take a Look at Tennessee"
January/February, 2004
Chattanooga figures prominently in this two-page invitation to explore the Volunteer State. In fact, all but two of the seven photographs illustrating the piece are shots of Chattanooga. The article, which covers Memphis, Pigeon Forge and Knoxville, closes with Chattanooga, thus saving the best until last.

"Follow the Tennessee River south and you’ll happen upon unassuming Chattanooga. Known as the "Gateway to the Deep South" more than a century ago, Chattanooga has remade itself to become the belle of the ball."

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AAA January/February 2004