Thrive 2055

A successful outcome of the Thrive 2055 strategic planning initiative was the formation in 2017 of the Thrive Regional Partnership (TRP) Inc., an independent 501(c)(3) whose focus is to spark action on the 40-year vision set forth by the people of the region.

The Partnership’s mission is to develop, implement, and sustain a vision for responsible and inspired growth across the tristate, 16-county Chattanooga region for the next four decades. 

Thriving Communities
The Thriving Communities project produced a regional network of local leaders who invested $1.8 million towards community vibrancy.

Access to the Assets
Thrive convened leadership from Tennnessee, Georgia and Alabama Departments of Transportation and the Georgia Ports Authority around the region’s freight issues at Access to the Assets: the Future of Transportation in the Tristate Region.

High School of the Future
Community leaders and Thrive staff collaborated with Bright-Spark to bring design thinking strategies to the region’s teachers and students during the High School of the Future student design competition.

Watershed Moment
The Watershed Moment map and vision serves as a tool to educate the region’s people about the value of our natural and cultural treasures.