Telling Our Story

In the year just ended the Chamber staff continued to focus keenly on the two purposes captured by our mission statement: bringing strong investment value to our membership and continuing to drive economic growth in our communities. While these are not new components of our mission, our year end reporting includes not just gains in each of these areas – but significant progress which will set our goals for several years to come.

In the following pages you’ll see the milestones we achieved together in job creation, education toward workforce readiness, diversity, inclusion, and new relationships across our region through the great work of the Chamber Councils.

For the support your Chamber receives from our Board of Directors, our membership, our elected officials and so many others, to be awarded The Chamber of the Year by peers across North America is the highest acknowledgement of your support in the accomplishments of the year possible. Without that support, our story this year would have been different.

In the past year, Chattanooga was headlined in the following major media outlets:

The Wall Street Journal
The New York Times
Entrepreneur magazine
Inc. magazine

The broad array of careers in our community requires a workforce trained and educated and ready for career challenges. As a non-profit business organization with a focus on the workforce needs of our business community, the Chamber continued its growing role in Chattanooga 2.0 as that organization completed the planning phases of its work and moved toward key goals of action deliverables with 10 key strategies with goals for each. This work is focused on the long term with tasks which will change lives for the better and deliver economic improvement to the households of our citizens.

New jobs created through Chamber initiatives through the year totaled 757, while local organic growth added 9,000, both clear signs of the appeal of our communities. New business investment exceeded $55.7 million, a testament to our value proposition.

Our Hamilton County Business development Center has now graduated more than 565 start-up companies – continuing a 29-year track record of assisting new business launches, further proving our continued commitment to advancing the Hamilton County and Chattanooga start-up culture. As well, the start-ups populating Chattanooga’s Innovation District have benefited from our national media campaigns by attracting tech talent, entrepreneurs and venture capital.

Bill Kilbride, President & CEO
Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce


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