As the largest business organization in our region, the Chamber provides programs and services to one-third of the city’s population. Combined, our nearly 1,900 members represent more than 85,000 employees. Together we present a unified voice for our members, large and small.

Executive Circle Memberships

More members decided to take the next step in marketing their business this year by increasing their investment level in the Chamber. A 70 percent increase in Executive Circle memberships allowed us to grow revenue and provide more targeted services. With a 100 percent retention rate among this group, Executive Circle Members clearly see a return on their investment.

Programs & Events

Programs and events are a core component of the Chamber’s success. Each year we provide our members with hundreds of opportunities for networking and growing business relationships.
In December we launched the new website, making it easier to view member news and benefits, promote your business through enhanced directory listings and learn more about events and programs that help your business. Since launching, page views for the website and dwell times – the amount of time people spend on a page – consistently beat national averages. Which means we’re constantly improving the way we share your stories with more people.