2020 Metro Chambers Joint State Legislative Agenda

  1. Support strategies to reach the state’s college completion goal of 55 percent of Tennesseans with postsecondary credentials through innovative means such as early postsecondary opportunities, career and technical education, Tennessee Promise, and Tennessee Reconnect.
  2. Support state and local business incentives and tools that make Tennessee competitive with other states while emphasizing transparency, accountability, and a return on investment.
  3. Support access and affordability of medical care to more citizens – including prevention and treatment of substance abuse and addiction – to provide a healthier workforce and to alleviate health care costs to businesses.
  4. Support a change in state law to raise the age of eligibility for the purchase of tobacco and vaping products from 18-years-old to 21-years-old to develop a healthier workforce and prevent childhood addictions. 
  5. Support increased funding and bold statewide planning for a robust transportation infrastructure network including mass transit in the urban core regions.
  6. Support justice reform measures aimed at increasing the employability of non-violent offenders following their release from incarceration.
  7. Support commonsense requirements that employers provide reasonable accommodations to pregnant workers when such accommodations are not burdensome or expensive.
  8. Support efforts to expand access and affordability to quality childcare.