Environment, Health & Safety

The Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce supports legislation that positions Tennessee as one of the most business-friendly states in the nation. We support efforts that make our region the technology leader in Tennessee, environmental legislation that is not unnecessarily burdensome to business and public safety policies that result in a better environment for business.


  • Our members consistently tell us that Chattanooga/Hamilton County’s natural resources are a primary benefit to doing business and living here. We support energy efficiency and conservation initiatives that preserve our natural beauty while simultaneously avoiding a negative economic impact to the business community
  • Chattanooga is known nationwide as one of the least expensive cities to start a business. We will continue to partner with Hamilton County government to maintain the impact of the INCubator while supporting policies that keep barriers to entrepreneurship minimal 


  • Support legislative and policy changes that reduce the cost of health care and provide additional access to affordable quality health care
  • Support the repeal of the amusement tax on small fitness centers. As health care costs continue to rise, taxing individuals who wish to improve their health is counterintuitive to dealing with this problem
  • Support efforts to curb opioid and drug use in the state of Tennessee


  • Support legislation and policies that enhance public safety and fosters an environment where business and our local economy can thrive without undue threat
  • Support the expansion of projects within the Hamilton County jail that provide appropriate care and treatment for individuals suffering from mental health complications