Protege Chattanooga

Protégé Chattanooga is a nine month team-based mentoring program in which early and mid-career professionals build lifelong networks while learning from local executives and their peers. This year, Protégé offers two cohorts, day and evening, that will be made up of 12 future leaders each. The program begins with an orientation in September and ends with graduation in May. Applicants must be between the ages of 21 and 40, and are not required to be current YPC members.

The mentorship program consists of:

There are 12 protégés in each cohort

The program begins in September with an orientation and reception, and then concludes with graduation in May

The cohort meets twice a month – once for a planning session, once for a mentor session

One mentor speaks at each mentor session

Protégés are paired with a mentor and meet one on one at least once during the program

Protégés come from diverse professional backgrounds, with strong preference given to YPC members

Mentors are established business or civic leaders

Each month, protégés will meet as a group with one mentor for one to two hours, preferably at the mentor’s place of business.

100% attendance is expected from protégés. Two missed meetings are allowed without penalty

Confidentiality is required, in order to facilitate a more open and honest exchange between mentors and protégés

Recognizing that there are many paths to business and civic leadership, the goal of Protégé Chattanooga is to provide the protégés with eight different views of success and leadership – one from each mentor. Over the course of the program, protégés will bond with each other, gain valuable insight from established leaders, and develop a better understanding of their own path to success. The cost of the program is $500, and partial scholarships are available.