Talent Retention

Leadership Chattanooga is a 10-month leadership development experience for local professionals.  The program provides participants with insight into Chattanooga’s community issues including education, healthcare, government and law enforcement. 

Sponsored by the Chattanooga Chamber Foundation for over 34 years,  Leadership Chattanooga provides comprehensive leadership training through experiential learning opportunities, community service projects and leadership skills training.  The program provides a unique opportunity to discover and develop the capacity to be an extraordinary, transformational leader in one’s current organization and in the larger community for years to come.

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Young Professionals of Chattanooga (YPC) is a place to connect, develop and advance Chattanooga’s diverse group of young talent through social, professional and volunteer opportunities.

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ChattaNewbies is a monthly meetup, connecting new faces to places and people in our community.


Engage ChattaNewbies is a day and a half interactive program that introduces newbies and plus one’s to the Chattanooga area through an engaging introductory course of information and activities to help them feel a part of the community.


ChattaNewbies Connectors is a diverse group of professionals who are passionate about the Chattanooga area and helping potential and current newbies see it too. We are an employer’s partner to make certain your talent sees Chattanooga as their next home.


ChattaNewbies Plus One is a place for the plus one of new talent to Chattanooga to integrate into and become a part of our community.