2020 YP Summit

The Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce held it's first Virtual YP Summit June 2020. It was a day of opportunities to share, learn and grow a robust professional network.

Summit Recap:

8:15 a.m. - Raising Brand Awareness Through Volunteering

Graci Burnette, Puckett's Gro. & Restaurant

Based on the podcast by Dr. Iven Misner, Visibility Through Volunteering. Using volunteering as a means to help develop your brand recognition is an effective way to market yourself and your company without spending hundreds of dollars.

9 a.m. -  Super-charge Your Marketing with StoryBrand

Josh Davis, InfoSystems, Inc. / 8Bend Marketing

Your marketing should be doing MORE. Marketing should be the growth engine for your company. Unfortunately, many companies have never experienced the true power of marketing. Learn about the 7-part StoryBrand Framework (created by best-selling author Donald Miller) and how to super-charge your sales and marketing by crafting a powerful story that can be used everywhere - your website, social media, videos, sales presentations, etc. 

9:45 a.m. - The Power of Developmental Experiences

Doug Sanville, Sanville Consulting

During this workshop, explore development with an emphasis on experiences, and examine what experiences tend to be the best and why. Not all experiences are created equal! Some are profoundly more impactful than others and we will look at how to seek out those experiences for yourself and make a plan for future experiences that will have the greatest significance and meaning for your career.

10:30 a.m. - Insta-Business Plan

Sarah Mattson, TSBDC

An abbreviated version of the usual business planning workshop for TSBDC. Leave with a rough draft one-page business plan.

11:15 a.m. - How to Know You're Ready to Start Your Own Business

David Martin, Heed Public Relations

Ever wonder if you could work for yourself? But, what's it like? Is it terrifying or rewarding? And how will I know I'm ready to take the plunge? We will feature 3 diverse young professionals who've parlayed their work/experiences as employees into successful businesses of their own. 

1 p.m. - Top 10 Job Search & Interview Tips

Dr. Rose Opengart, Interviews That Work

Where you work can make all the difference in the world in your happiness. Dr. Rose Opengart, Career Coach and prior HR Staffing Manager, will teach you how to job search and interview to find the best job for you! She will help you determine what you want, how to answer the toughest interview questions and how to ask great interview questions.

1:45 p.m. - Motivational Management Measures Finding Your M&M's

Wade Rowen, Sandler Training 

To get the most from your organization, you need to understand why people show up for work... and tie that reason for your company’s mission. Learn about motivating yourself, your team, and your company at optimum levels – by leveraging the inside and outside forces that inspire people to take action.

2:30 p.m. - How An Effect Is Created

Chase Ellsworth, Artifice

Learn the answers to these questions. What is the effect? Are we intentional with the effect our business has? How is the magic effect created? What effect do you and your business want to have on the world? How do you make people go WOW? How can you create a method/system that can create that effect consistently?

3:15 p.m. - Control Your Finances - Control Your Career

Rebecca Brooks, R&D Financial Coaching, LLC

Are most young professionals today working because they want to, or need to? Employees consider financial strain a top cause of stress. So what does that mean for you? By properly managing your personal finances, you are likely to be a higher performer, have increased efficiency and more focus than your peers who are concerned about their personal finances. Making you a better candidate for the next promotion. You can take control of your career and choose when and where you work, or who you work for. Protect yourself against layoffs, cut hours or other reasons for the loss of income. Finally, Improve your work-life balance by not having to be so focused on earning that next paycheck. We will discuss an action plan to get started.

Postponed - YP Awards Social


The YP Awards Social honors outstanding young professionals and businesses that attract and retain young leaders in the Chattanooga area. In addition to the awards presentation, the Social features local food, drinks, music and dancing and we support young talent. Grow as a leader, foster connections and forge new friendships at the YP Awards Social. 

Awards include:

  • YP of the Year Award: Recognizes an individual committed to civic, leadership and business involvement, with a passion for making a difference in the community through big ideas and the drive to see them through.
  • YP Entrepreneur of the Year Award: Celebrates young leaders in the community who are willing to take the risk of following a vision to change an industry for the better, engaging in their community along the way.
  • YP Business of the Year Award: Focuses on area businesses that have demonstrated a commitment to developing young talent, integrating work-life friendly policies, valuing generational differences and launching attraction and retention initiatives for young diverse talent.
  • YP Civic Impact Award: Recognizes someone heavily vested in doing whatever they can to enhance the lives of Chattanoogans and make the city a better place to live for everyone.
  • YP Emerging Leader Award:  Recognizes emerging talent (age 18 to 24) who have reached significant career milestones and demonstrated potential for leadership as well as commitment and service to the community.

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