Chattanooga Airport West General Aviation Campus

Chattanooga Airport West General Aviation Campus


The West General Aviation Campus was designed and built to LEED Standards. The General Aviation Terminal was certified LEED Platinum. This was the first building of its type in the world to receive this designation. The airport has also constructed two  hangars and an office complex on the campus, all of which received LEED Gold certification. The site was previously a hill on the west-side of the airport and unsuitable for development. The hill was removed and material was deposited in a 25 foot ravine on the airport which became the site of a 2.1 MW solar farm.

  • Over 95 percent of onsite construction waste was diverted from landfills and recycled.
  • Use of sustainable materials include recycled ceramic floor tile, recycled steel, rapidly renewable bamboo and linoleum, recycled glass/ceramic countertops, zero irrigation landscaping, and high performance glazing.
  • All adhesives, sealants, paints, and flooring systems were low VOC and free from formaldehyde to improve air quality.
  • Over 90 percent of occupied spaces have views to the exterior.
  • HVAC will heat and cool the facility 56 percent more efficiently than buildings of equal size.
  • Over 45 percent of total building materials were harvested and manufactured within 500 miles.


  • Terminal - Platinum - 80 out of 106
  • Hangar - Gold - 62 out of 106
  • Hangar/Office - Gold - 75 out of 106