Liberty Tower

Liberty Tower


A LEED Gold Level Certified Class A, multi-tenant office building.  Liberty Tower began its life in 1979 as Chestnut Tower, and has housed several large Chattanooga companies in the past. But in recent years, the building had become an eyesore on the Chattanooga skyline, and was largely vacant. Jim Berry purchased the building in 2010 and began a comprehensive overhaul. May 2013 saw the official opening of Chattanooga's newest Class A office project - Liberty Tower. In October 2014, Liberty Tower was awarded LEED Gold Level Certification for Core and Shell.


During its renovation, the Liberty Tower Project Team diverted nearly 600 tons of waste from landfills to recyclers across the region, including 221 tons of metal, 28 tons of glass, 81 tons of carpet, and over 100,000 sq. ft. of cellulose ceiling tiles. Much larger, energy efficient double paned windows were installed to allow much more natural light into the space, reducing the lighting requirements, resulting in a 31.03% reduction in energy use from a calculated baseline design, which translates into over one million KWHs saved every year. Low flow water fixtures are used throughout the building, lowering water demand by 34%. Landscaping around Liberty Tower consists of native and/or Drought Resistant plantings with no irrigation required, reducing water use. The HVAC system is custom designed to today's workforce needs and includes an ERW (Energy Recovery Wheel) which captures energy from conditioned air that would otherwise be lost. Lighting in many areas is LED, and controlled by individual motion sensors, removing the possibility of wasted energy in lighting unoccupied office space. 


Project Name: Liberty Tower

Owner: Liberty Tower, LLC

Architects: Billingsley Architecture

Address: 605 Chestnut Street Chattanooga, TN 37450