Majestic 12 Theater

Majestic 12 Theatre


Recognizing the need to keep moviegoers downtown, River City Company developed the state-of-the-art theater featuring 12 screens (3 with 3D), 2,500 seats and digital projection and sound. A VIP auditorium called "The Ovation Club" treats movie-goers to large reclining seats, expanded food service from the adjoining kitchen and bar service. 

  • LEED Gold certified, the U.S.'s First LEED Registered Movie Theatre.
  • Greywater cistern that can hold 10,000 gallons of rainwater and used for non-potable purposes at the theater.
  • Designed for a natural light lobby and use of LED lighting throughout the building.
  • This theater was constructed using low VOC emitting paints, carpet and glues.
  • The Majestic 12's roof is a white roof that reflects up to 95% of solar heat and can reduce the surface temperate up to 50 degrees.
  • The brick used in this building was made nearby in Alabama. Using materials manufactured close to the project reduces the amount of non-renewable fossil fuels used for transportation. 
  • During construction of this theatre, crews sorted and recycled waste - diverting over 90% of material that would have normally gone to a landfill.
  • Nearly a quarter of the materials used in this building are recycled including the building's steel structure (80% recycled content) and concrete block walls (65% recycled content).

Project name: Majestic 12 Theatre

Owner: River City Company

Architects: Artech

Builder: EMJ Construction