Business-Friendly Environment

5-Star Location & Infrastructure

Chattanooga's Logistics Leaders
Moving people, products and information is a key ingredient to Chattanooga's economic success.
  • Immediate access to I-75, I-24 and I-59
  • Close proximity to I-40, I-20 and I-65
  • 70+ local common carriers (competitive rates)
  • Service by 4 major airlines
  • Direct flights to major hubs including Detroit, Atlanta, D.C., Chicago and New York City
  • FedEx expanding to handle more air shipping
  • Access to Tennessee River via 3 public port terminals
  • Connections to 16,000 miles of navigable waterways including ports in Mobile, AL; Savannah, GA and New Orleans, LA

Low Cost of Business

Cost of Employment
  • Manufacturing wages 17% below the national average
  • Below the national average for Workers' Compensation costs
  • No state income tax
Business-Friendly Taxes
  • No state property tax
  • No state tax on finished goods inventory
Incentives to Help You Start-Up
  • Tennessee FastTrack Infrastructure Grant
  • Tennessee FastTrack Training Grant
  • Other state and local incentives based on project parameters
  • Affordable and highly reliable power from the smartest smart grid in the U.S. with diverse power generation capabilities
  • Abundant and affordable water from the Tennessee River
  • Industrial grade utilities available throughout the county

Going the Extra Mile

While our existing business team is more likely to help companies with expansions, growth opportunities and workforce development partnerships, we have also helped on a number of other items ranging from permitting to river lock closures. Here are just a few examples of ways our team has contributed to a business-friendly environment:

European Spruce Bark Beetles
The leadership of a major manufacturing company contacted us when a shipment of critical equipment in transit to their Chattanooga plant was delayed at the Port of Savannah due to an infestation of European Spruce Bark Beetles. USDA and customs authorities required the shipment be sent back to Europe for repackaging, which would have delayed the startup of the plant by several months. Instead, our team worked with our U.S. Senator's office and customs officials in Savannah, resolving the issue in just a few days, rather than months. 

River Lock Closure
A local manufacturer was notified about the closure of the Tennessee River's Nickajack Lock for several weeks to paint the lock. The maintenance project would have prevented a critical barge delivery to the company's Chattanooga plant, adding several weeks to their production timeline. Our team worked with members of our federal delegation and the Army Corps of Engineers to delay the paint job until the required equipment passed through the lock. 

Local Permitting Support
To facilitate an expansion of an existing company's St. Elmo laboratory, office and manufacturing facility, our team helped engage the local department of transportation and fire department officials to work through an ingress/egress issue. We worked with the city's economic development office, department of transportation and fire marshal to expedite a decision by all permitting authorities that allowed the company to move forward with their expansion plans. 

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