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Praise for the Chattanooga Region

"Chattanooga creates an environment where companies of all sizes can thrive and prosper. It is a business-friendly city that combines technological advancement, an educated workforce and a quality of life that makes it an excellent location for Unum."  

- Richard P. (Rick) McKenney, President and CEO, Unum 

"Whether you're supplying other companies or delivering an end product, Chattanooga's central location puts you close to your customers." 

- Don Peters, President, Tennessee Rand

"With more than 10 years in the business-friendly Chattanooga area, we're happy with the low cost of doing business here and the ease of recruiting from a substantial local workforce with an already strong customer service skill set."

- Tim Krug, Site Manager, T-Mobile

"Chattanooga is a great place to locate an operations center. The region has a tremendous workforce, an ideal geographic location, and a sense of civic momentum. You have something really special when you couple those factors with a low-cost operating environment."  

- Scott C. Pierce, Senior Vice President Government Programs, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee

"Chattanooga is an ideal manufacturing environment."

- Chris Payne, Plant Manager, The Woodbridge Group

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